Choosing the Right Car Accident Lawyer


The lawyer you choose can make all the difference in how your case turns out. You need to be sure that the attorney you have chosen will best represent you in your case. While just the thought of finding a good car accident lawyer in Spokane may seem intimidating, it’s a pretty simple process.

Ask Around

Seek personal referrals. Talk to friends, colleagues and family members to find out which attorney’s they know and have previously worked with before. Be sure to ask whether the person referring you to the lawyer was satisfied with the results. You also want to find out whether the lawyer is passionate about the cases he/she handles. Answers to such questions will give you an insight on what to expect.



Spare some time to research the attorney’s credentials. Once you’ve settled on a few potential candidates, check out their websites and find out their credentials. The main idea is to determine whether he attorney will be a good fit for your particular case.

Significant Experience in Spokane Car Accident Law

Establish whether the attorney has handled your type of case before. Ask for specifics. You want to hire a lawyer who is familiar with car accident law in Spokane and is willing to go to trial if the case won’t settle.

Track Record

While it’s crucial to have a good relationship with your attorney, you can’t overlook his/her track record. You need to hire a lawyer with a proven track record of success. Look for credentials such as legal awards, peer ratings from other attorney’s, and board certifications among others. A qualification to practice as an attorney doesn’t guarantee an individual can handle your case properly. You can expect quality services from a highly qualified lawyer.

Resources to finance your case

Most people overlook this factor when choosing an attorney. However, car accident lawsuits can be expensive. You have to ensure your attorney has the financial capacity to handle your case from the start to the end without finances being an obstacle. Hiring an attorney who will face financial challenges midway may compromise your case.

Communication skills

Legal proceedings, documentation and procedures can be complex and time consuming. For you to be aware of what’s going on, you need to hire an attorney with great communication skills. Make sure you hire a lawyer who will answer your questions, pick your calls and keep you in the know of every significant procedure in the legal process.


Before making your final choice, it’s imperative to understand how you will be charged. Car accidents often involve various variable elements and it is impossible to tell exactly how much work will be required for a case, therefore, attorney fees may be more or less than originally estimated. If there’s anything unclear regarding attorney fees, be sure to discuss the details with your lawyer before getting into a written contract.

Meet the lawyer

It pays to meet a few potential candidates and assess their competence before making your choice. suggests coming up with a list of about 3-5 lawyers that you think might be good to work with and scheduling appointments. Talk to them about your case and try to confirm things you have heard from personal reviews or read on review sites. Sit down with each prospective attorney to discuss your claim and possible ways of handling it. Bring copies of all documents including police reports, correspondence with your insurance company and any other important details. Most car accident lawyers in Spokane won’t charge you for an initial consultation about possibly being your legal representative.

Don’t be surprised if you interview a lawyer who also seems to be interviewing you. A good lawyer will always want to understand as much as possible about your case before picking it. According to, a good attorney will be focused on your needs and situation rather than theirs. If there is anything particularly troubling or compelling about your interviewee, bring it up and see what the lawyer has to say.

Find Out Who Will Be Handling Your Case

It’s not uncommon for lawyers in most legal practices to work together on cases. Paralegals and less experienced attorney’s are likely to handle routine tasks. Nonetheless, make sure important work on your case is not left to the less experienced lawyers or staff members. It’s essential to find out which lawyer will have primary responsibility for your case as well as the lawyer you will be dealing with directly.

Your Settlement Goal


After discussing the facts of your case and other relevant details, the lawyer may give you a general opinion of the status of your case; say how difficult your case is or how much it’s worth. This is when you should discuss with the lawyer how your case should be approached.

A Lawyer Who Cares

The perception you get when your meet a potential candidate will help you to determine whether the attorney is genuinely interested in your case. Contrary to one of the popular jokes based on the idea that lawyers are only out to make money, there are plenty of Spokane car accident lawyers who go out of their way to offer quality services.

If you are definitely going to hire a legal representative for your case, hire one early on in the process. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hiring early gives your lawyer an opportunity to advise you on important initial decisions that may affect the outcome of your case, and gives him/her time to carry out investigations while the facts of your case are still fresh.


Recommended Legal Help in Other States

You also want to work with someone you can trust so don’t underestimate the value of great chemistry and a strong personality. You may have to work with your lawyer for a long period of time so it’s important that you both get along. The last thing you need is to work with a difficult personality at the expense of your case’s outcome. Choose an attorney that gives you full confidence your case will be handled professionally.