When you get into an accident with another vehicle on the road, it’s usually pretty obvious who was at fault for causing the accident. However, when you get into an accident on your own, it may not be as obvious as to who’s at fault. Depending on how your single-car accident occurred, other parties can still be held liable in your case. 

For example, Harrison was driving through Georgia when he swerved off the road because of a deer. A guardrail was missing on the side of the highway and because there was no guardrail, he flew off the highway, landed in the ditch, and suffered severe injuries from his accident. While no one can be held liable for the deer; the city, county, or state, can be held liable for the missing guard rail. Harrison called a car accident attorney in Savannah and filed a lawsuit claiming bad road conditions in his accident. 

Missing guardrails, potholes, faulty road designs, unpaved roads, and debris from construction sites can all lead to car accidents. These are bad road conditions that the government can be held accountable for. It’s the government’s job to keep the roads safe from hazards. While the government can’t control other drivers on the road, the weather, or animals, they can control how our tax dollars are being used.

How to Prove Negligence Against the Government

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car wreck and you believe the government should be held liable because of bad road conditions, your car accident lawyer can help you gather the proper evidence to prove negligence. Police reports, witness testimonies, video footage, photographs, and your medical records can all serve as proof in your case. 

You’ll need to show the judge and/or jury that the bad road conditions caused your injuries and that the government entity you’re suing was responsible for maintaining that specific road condition whether it be a pothole or a missing guardrail. Once you’re able to prove negligence, you can fight for the settlement you deserve based on your damages. 

Damages You Can Recover After Your Accident

You should be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages in your car accident lawsuit against the government. Economic damages can include your medical expenses, property damages, and any income you’ve lost from missing work. Non-economic damages will account for your pain and suffering. 

You have the right to fight for the maximum settlement possible when you get injured in an accident. Bad road conditions are not just bad luck, they’re a result of someone’s carelessness and a direct cause of your injuries. If you can make this known, you should be able to walk away feeling more closure and clarity after your wreck.