It’s important to understand your rights to a fair settlement, especially when you get in a car accident. Car accidents can lead to significant damages, including damages to your car and personal injuries. When you weren’t responsible for causing your car accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for any medical expenses or financial losses that accumulate. Sometimes, however, it’s not that easy to tell if you were responsible for an accident or not. 

When you were the only car involved in the accident, you may question whether you have the right to file a claim for compensation. You may be surprised to know how many single-car accidents involve negligence on someone else’s part. For example, a woman was driving outside of Chicago when she suddenly lost control of her car. She couldn’t explain why she lost control, but she wrecked and suffered serious injuries. 

After hiring a Rockford auto accident attorney and getting a thorough investigation done of her accident, it was discovered that her car wheel had malfunctioned and locked up on her. Thankfully, she survived the wreck, because the consequences of this malfunction could’ve been much worse. She sued her car manufacturer for the defect and receive a full settlement. 

Single-Car Settlement Types

Car malfunctions are one of the main ways in which settlements can be won in single-car accidents. A car can malfunction because of a defect in a car part, a defect in the car design, or a defect in failing to warn the driver of danger within the car. All of these defects, when they result in injury or damage of some sort, can be deserving of a settlement. 

Single-car accidents can also happen because of bad road conditions. If you hit a pothole in the road and get injured or your car gets damaged, you may be able to sue the government entity responsible for repairing the road. This may be the county, the city, or the state. If a piece of debris was left in the road from a construction site and damaged your car or led to a wreck, you can sue the government for this damage as well.  

If you’re unsure of whether your single-car accident warrants a settlement, you can get an investigation done of your case to determine what caused your car to wreck. While it’s possible that you were at fault, it never hurts to take a little extra time and effort to figure out if others can be held liable. Investigating your accident could ultimately save you thousands of dollars!